Tramondo Quarterly (Q4 2022)

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE CURRENT ISSUE We strongly believe that financial markets and the real economy will have to cope and live with higher inflation – in 2022 and beyond. However, in the short-run, we may see a moderation of inflation pressure as supportive base effects in capital goods and commodities may spur some relief in […]

Tramondo Quarterly (Q3 2022)

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE CURRENT ISSUE In Q2 2022, financial markets were once again subject to high volatility. They struggled with various problem areas – from central bank policy and rampant inflation to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict – which kept investors on their toes. Fed bankers continued their path towards monetary normalization: in May, they hiked […]

Tramondo Dynamic Equity Opportunities reaches important milestones Celebrate the fund’s fifth anniversary with us. At the same time, assets under management in the strategy passed the USD 200 million mark. Tramondo Dynamic Equity Opportunities pursues a conservative equity approach that participates in equity markets while ensuring the preservation of capital in turbulent times. It is also available as an income strategy that offers a real alternative to traditional investment […]

Tramondo Quarterly (Q2 2022)

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE CURRENT EDITION Both equity and fixed income markets experienced a rather challenging start into the new year. Initially, the US central bank dominated market headlines with a sudden change in its monetary policy outlook. However, central bank politics took a backseat in late February as the war between Russia and Ukraine moved […]

Tramondo Navigator 2022

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE CURRENT ISSUE There is reasonable doubt that inflation pressure will disappear anytime soon, especially in the US. Combined with central banks that will likely stay in a wait-and-see approach, particularly in the first half of 2022, gold finds a goldilocks environment that should spur a brilliant comeback in 2022. We heartily believe […]

Spotlight on: Drawdown management

One thing is certain. There will be another crisis, as there have been numerous in the last 22 years alone. However, contrary to the prophets of doom, we hope to provide a pragmatic approach to proactively and adaptively dealing with the uncertainty of when it will happen and how extensive it will be. Please download […]

Tramondo Quarterly (Q4 2021)

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE CURRENT EDITION During Q3 2021, financial markets were jolted by increased market volatility as yield movements – and corresponding sector rotations in equity markets – resembled a roller coaster ride. While growth stocks were able to outperform in July and August, yields across the globe enjoyed a dramatic comeback in September, enabling […]

Tramondo Quarterly (Q3 2021)

17. Oktober 2019 HIGHLIGHTS OF THE CURRENT EDITION In Q2 2021, global equity markets continued on a positive path fueled by solid earnings reports and policy makers’ commitment to keep floodgates open at both monetary and fiscal policy levels. Overall, inflation is definitely heating up. The only question is whether these price dynamics are transitory […]

Tramondo Quarterly (Q2 2021)

17. Oktober 2019 HIGHLIGHTS OF THE CURRENT EDITION Global equity markets started the new year on a positive note. Solid earnings reports for Q4 2020 and good progress in the vaccination campaigns (at least in some parts of the world) spurred investors’ risk appetite once again. The US central bank Fed expects inflation to pick […]

Tramondo Navigator 2021

17. Oktober 2019 HIGHLIGHTS OF THE CURRENT EDITION The announcement of two vaccines against COVID-19 that were highly effective in clinical trials drove a risk-on mood in financial markets and injected additional fuel into the post-election rally. Overall, the MSCI World index was up 11.3% in Q4 2020 so far. Across the globe, central bankers […]