Book Club – Unknown Market Wizards

17. Oktober 2019 The Market Wizards are back! “Unknown Market Wizards” continues in the three-decade tradition of the immensely popular Market Wizards series, interviewing exceptionally successful traders to learn how they achieved their extraordinary performance results. The twist in “Unknown Market Wizards” is that the featured traders are individuals trading their own accounts. They are […]

Summer ’20 reading list

17. Oktober 2019 The uncertainty surrounding Covid-19 is reaching beyond the markets. Many are forced to shelve or radically change their summer holiday plans. Whether you spend your summer break in your own home or venture to your holiday destination of choice, we have assembled a list of books that, we hope, will take your […]

Book Club – The Battle for Investment Survival

17. Oktober 2019 In today’s turbulent times, capital preservation, which is deeply rooted in our DNA and investment process, is once again the main concern of every investor. We argue, however, that it must always be the primary concern of every investor. Why? The answer can be found in this memorable classic, The Battle for […]

Book Club – Mastering the Market Cycle

17. Oktober 2019 Oaktree Capital Management, L.P.’s co-founder and co-chairman Howard Marks sees an opportunity in Chinese distressed debt as most recently mentioned in a Bloomberg interview. Why? Because “history does not repeat itself but it does rhyme”. We all know markets rise and fall, but when should you pull out, and when should you […]

Book Club – The Richest Man in Babylon

Today, money is governed by the same laws that controlled it when prosperous men populated the streets of Babylon thousands of years ago. The simple principles will be based on individual parables and will allow you to immerse yourself for a short time into the world of the camel and sheep traders of that time […]

Book Club – Reminiscences of a Stock Operator

“Markets are never wrong – opinions often are” – Although Reminiscences of a Stock Operator was published some ninety years ago, its take on crowd psychology and market timing is as timely as this month’s frenzy on the global markets. Enjoy this very timely reading and always remember… “There is nothing new in Wall Street. […]

Book Club – China’s Asian Dream

“Substantial progress” – President Trump tweeted recently. Growing optimism for a China trade deal had helped fuel the current stock market rally BUT one of the most important questions of our time still needs to be answered: what does China’s rise mean for the future of Asia and of the world? “China”, Napoleon once remarked, […]