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We cannot direct the wind..

In the long term, equities can generate very attractive returns, but they are subject to massive market fluctuations that are difficult to predict.

A buy & hold strategy carries the risk for investors to suffer large price losses during stock market crashes.

This would erode the asset base essential for generating attractive returns in the long term.

..but we can adjust the sails

Tramondo Dynamic Equity Europe pursues a conservative equity approach that participates in equity markets while aiming for the preservation of capital in turbulent times.

"But the point is not that Europe is perfect. It’s simply that it’s a lot better than many investors think."

- Financial Times

The Fund's Strategy & Approach in a nutshell


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    Access to a European ex Switzerland portfolio of leading, high-quality companies with the most attractive business models or most promising innovations

  • Focus on stock selection using a disciplined fundamental («good story») and technical analysis («good chart») model
  • Inclusion of ESG criteria in the portfolio context



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  • Active management of the underlying market risk through the use of exchange-traded futures contracts
  • Discretionary decision based on a systematic traffic light system
  • Crucial hedging steps of 25% each to achieve an impact

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Tramondo Investment Partners AG is a bank-independent Swiss asset manager based in Zug and licensed by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) to act as an asset manager of collective investment schemes. The firm is a signatory of the UN’s Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI).


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