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Book Club – März 2021

11. März 2021

Wir ahnten nicht, dass der Tramondo Book Club eine solche Resonanz hervorrufen würde! Was ursprünglich entstand, um unsere Leidenschaft für das Lesen und tiefgreifende Analysen innerhalb unseres Teams zu teilen, hat sich zu einer weiteren intellektuell bereichernden Möglichkeit entwickelt, mit unseren Kunden, Interessenten und Freunden in den Dialog zu treten.

Die beiden folgenden Buchempfehlungen stammen von unseren geschätzten Book Club-Lesern. Sie wurden inspiriert von «The Lessons of History», einem Buch, das wir im letzten Jahr auf unserer Sommerleseliste hatten. Der Vollständigkeit halber haben wir «The Lessons of History» noch einmal in diese Liste aufgenommen.

Bitte lassen Sie uns wissen, was Sie von dieser Auswahl halten, und senden Sie uns weiterhin Ihre Empfehlungen.

Courtesy of Elliott & Thompson

Prisoners of Geography: Ten Maps That Tell You Everything You Need To Know About Global Politics

Tim Marshall

According to The New York Times, this book compels a fresh way of looking at maps – not just as objects for orientation or works of art, but as guideposts to the often thorny relations between nations.

Others consider it one of the best books that explains the world situation in such a concise and lucid way.

Tim Marshall, the author, used to be a diplomatic editor and foreign correspondent for Sky News before he decided to leave journalism and take up writing. He is said to have been shot with bird pellet in Cairo, hit over the head with a plank of wood in London, bruised by the police in Tehran, arrested by Serbian intelligence, detained in Damascus, declared persona non grata in Croatia, bombed by the RAF in Belgrade, and tear-gassed all over the world.

Our book club readers loved the book, and you might, too.

Courtesy of Allen Lane

Upheaval: How Nations Cope with Crisis and Change

Jared Diamond

A book that makes Bill Gates more optimistic about our ability to solve problems, and one that contains vital lessons for our difficult times, according to famous cognitive psychologist Steven Pinker.

Diamond analyses how Finland, Chile, Indonesia, Japan, Germany, and Australia coped with catastrophes in their recent past, and identifies patterns in their recovery.

He then turns to look at great risk faced by other countries today. Unlike traditional works in that space, Diamond adds that unique psychological dimension to history, geography, biology, and anthropology he is so well-known for.

The Sunday Telegraph calls it bold, wide-ranging, and original. Our book club readers suggested it, and after reading it, we exactly know why.

Courtesy of Simon & Schuster

The Lessons of History

Will Durant, Ariel Durant

This one inspired the book recommendations above. Called a masterpiece of distillation, this book dives into the themes and lessons of 5000 years of world history. 

The authors expertly examine wars, revolutions, or, like today, pandemics, across twelve perspectives, namely geography, biology, race, character, morals, religion, economics, socialism, government, war, growth and decay, and progress.

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